Meet Amy and François — two flatmates living in Paris.


Amy is an American girl from New Jersey. Though a bit on the ditzy side, she came to France to study and was lucky enough to find a great deal sharing an apartment with François… but unfortunately, her French is far from perfect. François, on the other hand, is sure that his English will help them understand each other… if only he wasn’t completely mistaken!

Thankfully, Paulette is here to help diffuse the confusion.


Balivernes! revolutionizes English language education in France… through comedy!

A video series made up of short clips, Balivernes! uses everyday situations in a Parisian apartment to present the most common vocabulary and grammar mistakes. Each episode tackles a set of grammatical issues in line with a specific CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level. For example, the pilot episode tackles issues common at the A1 level, including: many/much, simple questions with do/does and is/are, pronunciation of vowels, and common false friends.

Balivernes! is simultaneously designed as a pedagogical support for viewers already taking language classes and as a gateway to help engage new learners in English language education by piquing their interest. Comedy helps to draw viewer attention and encourage learners to overcome their inhibitions by realizing that making mistakes is normal. It also helps learners to remember important rules and common mistakes by presenting them in a way that viewers will be sure to remember.