An episode lasts between 10 and 15 minutes and is composed of 5 sketchs. Each sketch lasts between 2 and 3 minutes and contains both a fictional and a pedagogical aspect.

The Sketch

Each sketch begins with a fictional part (around 1 minute in length) that introduces the situation with the two main characters. The situation is often zany and results in misunderstandings or poor communication.

In the middle of the sketch, the space “freezes” and the characters stop in mid-action. At that point, Paulette arrives on the scene. Paulette is a bilingual character that comes out of nowhere in order to break down the situation in a light and dynamique way,all while making fun of her friends. In each case, she points out a grammar rule or an aspect of the English language that clarifies the misunderstanding for the viewer.

The two flatmates always stay frozen (both in time and in space) during Paulette’s appearances, except when she decides to interact with them and bring them out of the “frozen dimension” for a few moments.

Each sketch ends with Paulette’s disappearance. The characters then return to normal (un-freeze) and exchange a last interaction that shows they have learned from Paulette’s intervention.

The Episode

Each episode is focused around a central theme presented in the first sketch. Example themes include: food, housing, dating, and friends.

One of the sketchs (often the last one) may also bring out cultural aspects in relation to the theme. This helps to connect to the theme in the upcoming episode and finish on a comedic note.

Each sketch is followed by a 6-second animated transition that presents an English proverb or saying along with its French translation.


Musically, the episodes are filled with Latin sounds (piano, bass, brass instruments, and Latin American percussion) inspired by Salsa and Colombian Cumbia.