Balivernes! targets French speakers between the ages of 18-35. While the material presented in the sketches is appropriate for a wider audience, the situations presented are ones that will be well-known to young adults living on their own or sharing an apartment with a roommate for the first time.

Episodes target French speakers who are already taking language classes as well as new learners who watch for the comedic aspects and will gain an interest in English language education as a result.



The majority of each episode will occur in French. However, the characters will occasionally use English to speak to one another. Everything in English will be accompanied by subtitles in French or subtitles in English, later followed by an explanation. The use of English will also be specifically targeted in order to present specific pedagogical aspects. Some exceptions include vocalized pauses and filler words (such as “um,” “uh,” “well,” “like”).

The viewer will not be required to have any basis in English before watching an episode. An added benefit to this format is that it will allow the viewer to watch the episode easily and enjoy the humor without having to strain themselves.

Pedagogical Support

Each episode tackles a set of grammatical issues in line with a specific CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level. For example, the pilot episode tackles issues common at the A1 level, including: many/much, simple questions with do/does and is/are, pronunciation of vowels, and common false friends.

For an added touch, each sketch is followed by an animated transition that presents an English proverb or saying related to the sketch, along with its French translation.

Scripts will be written in collaboration with English language teachers and pedagogy experts in order to ensure that grammatical concepts are presented in a logical way.