Our team is currently crowdfunding to create the pilot episode.

We originally hoped to create this pilot on a shoestring budget and then search out funds for the continuation of the series. However, we have since learned that some things cost more than we could have imagined.

Our uncovered costs for 3 days of filming are:

70 euros : Transportation of Materials
(We have free access to professional grade equipment, but we need a big taxi to run them across Paris.)
150 euros : Make-up Artist
600 euros : Sound Engineer
50 euros : Props
50 euros : Sandwiches for 11 people over 3 days

920 euros = TOTAL 

Help us create a video series pilot in French to teach English through comedy! Donate to our crowdfunding here.

After the pilot is filmed, we will look for partnerships for pedagogy and promotion to help make the entire Balivernes! series a reality. Write a us a note if you’re interested in more long term support for this project:

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